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How to Do Your Own Divorce

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How to Solve Divorce Problems
In California—In or Out of Court

12th Edition (2014)   •  CD included

A famous family law attorney helps you take charge of your own case, all the way through the court system, even against lawyers. Most people can now take their cases to court, use legal means to resolve problems, and either negotiate a settlement or get a judge to decide unresolved issues. You might decide to get some legal advice or support, but the case stays in your hands where it belongs. If you want to have an attorney take over your case, you will now be able to select and supervise your attorney, know if your case is being handled competently, and know how to fire an attorney who is not giving good service. The Bar has now been raised (pun intended).

Plus! Get the Companion CD at no extra cost!

  • Contains all the forms in the book for use on your PC or Mac
  • Typed pleadings in word processor files
  • California Codes and Rules of Court
  • Court Addresses
  • Demo version of CalSupport software
  • Links to useful sites on the internet

The Advantage of Doing it Yourself

Studies show that people who participate in and control their own cases invariably get better results in terms of post-dissolution compliance with agreements, better co-parenting, faster recovery. There are things you can do to help yourself that no lawyer can do for you—these pages are full of examples. Wth this book, most people will be able to handle their own cases competently, even in court. Get some legal advice, some coaching, maybe some paperwork service, and there’s not much you can’t accomplish.

Just a few excerpts from our fan mail.
Does this book work? See for yourself!

As a family law practitioner. . . not only would I recommend this book to any individual who is contemplating a divorce, but I would also recommend it to any attorney.
          —Hamid B. Naraghi, Attorney, San Jose

The person who prepares his or her own case using this book will be a worthy adversary for his or her ex-spouse and attorney.
          —Stephen G. Stanton, Attorney, Napa

A competent person could do as well as counsel with a little coaching and your two books.
          —Deborah DeMarchi, Family Law Facilitator, Ukiah

Your book will make an excellent text and I would commend it to any attorney who is unfamiliar with family law. Yes, a person could do as good a job as the average family law attorney in my county.
          —David J. Golde, Family Law Facilitator, Redding

I am impressed by the scope of information and helpful tips in your book. I plan to order several copies of both books.
          —Chris Doehle, Family Law Facilitator, Cresecent City

I believe that a person without legal training could follow your instructions at every stage of the action. I expect to show it to a large number of people as a way to help them help themselves.
          —Dale R. Wells, Family Law Facilitator, Indio


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