25% off You get 25% off on a phone consultation with a Divorce Helpline attorney, for up to 20 minutes, when you add the Divorce Helpline option to your Bargain Package purchase. You'll be amazed at how much can get done in 20 minutes!

Divorce Helpline was created by Ed Sherman in 1989 with partners Anne Lober and Peggy Williams. The goal was to drastically improve the way attorneys practice in divorce cases and to provide expert support for people who are doing their own.

Ed Sherman left that company in 2007, but he says, "I still know all of their attorneys personally and trust them completely. I can't recommend them highly enough."

Divorce Helpline attorneys work as your guide and assistant, helping you to understand, plan, develop otptions, solve problems, talk to your spouse, and negotiate or mediate to reach a fair settlement in the least painful and least costly way possible.

        Available for telephone consultation throughout California or at 14 offices around the state.

        Expert and highly experienced attorneys provide personal and legal advice, mediation, arbitration, collaborative law, and private judging.

        Divorce Helpline's unique methods are highly effective and cost-effective.
To get your phone consultation: Simply call Divorce Helpline at (800) 359-7004 and let them know that you are calling to schedule the phone consultation that you purchased as part of a Nolo Press Occidental Bargain Package. Nolo automatically alerts Divorce Helpline of all such sales within one business day, so they will have a record of your purchase.

Living Trust Discount
During or after a divorce, you should create a new living trust or change an existing trust. As compared to a will (or no will), a living trust can save your family a great deal of money and create order in your affairs.

When you purchase a Bargain Package, you will receive a discount coupon for this important Divorce Helpline service. Your coupon entitles you to a substantial discount. Divorce Helpline's regular fee of $1500 is already much lower than you would pay elsewhere, but with your special discount you pay only $1200!

To learn more about Divorce Helpline, click here or call (800) 359-7004 for a free explanation of how we work and how Divorce Helpline can help you.

To get your Living Trust discount: Your discount coupon will be shipped with the copy of How to Do Your Own Divorce in California that comes with your Bargain Package purchase.