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Just enter the client's information and decisions and let

DealMaker draft a professional settlement agreement

Greatly extends the quality and range of your practice

  Easy to understand and use

  Self-guided with tips on each entry screen

  Extensive help files with information and advice

  Worksheets to help clients think, plan, negotiate

From Nolo Press, so you know  it's good !

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Extend the range of your service

Mediators, accountants, finanical planners, and LDAs can now safely help clients develop a comprehensive settlement agreement. Working with clients through DealMaker screens or worksheets, you collect the client's information and decisions, enter it all into DealMaker Pro, and let DealMaker draft a professional agreement ready to sign. This is legal, safe and effective for both you and the client. If you prefer, you can have your clients get a copy of the single-user version and you can help them through the process of entering information and decisions to produce their own agreements directly.

Efficient and Effective

DealMaker Pro produces a professional-quality agreement quickly and efficiently. You simply enter the client's information and decisions and DealMaker produces a comprehensive agreement in PDF format or in an RTF file that you can edit or amend in any word processor.


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Clear and complete understanding by both parties of every term—that is the foundation for an agreement that will last. DealMaker worksheets help the parties think, plan and understand the terms being negotiated and to communicate meaningfully so their decisions will be knowing and their agreement will be enduring.
After all, that's the point.
  Agreement Worksheets. One for cases with kids one for cases with none. Like a comprehensive checklist, the worksheets set out every item of information and every decision. This helps both parties consider the options and understand the terms.

  Detailed Parenting Plan. This is a template for a detailed parenting plan that spells out exactly when children will be with each parent. Helps parents think in real terms about their co-parenting and the way they plan to carry it out.
The Worksheets
collectively duplicate every screen and popup in DealMaker allowing clients to think, plan, and discuss while away from a computer.
Simple Parenting Plan. A template for a simple and flexible plan for parents who anticipate a comfortable parenting relationship and desire more flexibility, yet it provides sufficient detail to satisfy legal requirements.

  Communitry Real Estate. Takes parties through every detail of dividing the community interest in real property by one transferring it to the other, both holding it for a period of time, or selling it.

  Pension and retirement funds. Takes the parties through every detail of dividing community interest in pension or retirment funds by one conveying to the other or by dividing it.

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