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Division of CP Real Estate that is held until sold. Payment of overhead pending sale — item 5 on Screen IV > item 5 on the Division of Real Property popup. Corrected an error in the language for reimbursing a party who has had to make payments of overhead for which the other party was responsible.

Section XII, Waiver of Advice of Counsel. Many clients of PRO users objected to the language that asserted, "I have access to sufficient funds to retain an attorney for this purpose if I want one," as they did not, in fact, have sufficient funds. As it is not essential to the waiver, this language has been removed.

A new Read Me file file is now available that provides important advice and cautions to consumers based on feedback from users of the consumer version of DealMaker and from professionals who help them. The Read Me dialog can be printed and is always available under the Help menu.

Arbitration option. Screen X. Removed the option to require arbitration. Feedback indicated that arbitration is not suitable in a variety of situations and that it would be better to leave it to parties to decide at the time a problem arises whether or not to arbitrate. The Mediation/Arbitration Help file was modified accordingly.

Pension funds dialog bug. On Screen IV, items 1 and 3, when you fill out the Pension Fund dialog and check a box to indicate who is to get the fund, DealMaker would always award the fund to the employee, not necessarily to the person selected in the dialog. This has been fixed.

Pension Fund Help File. Improved. Cautions about potential problems if a pension fund is not transferred very carefully, including exactly as required by IRS rules.

Custody. For California cases, a clause desired by some clerks was added at the end of Section VII (Custody).

Registration. In version 4.9, when checking for updates, if a new version is available, the information dialog displays text that runs off the right margin, making it difficult to read easily. This has been fixed in version 5.0.

Registration. The registration process has been revised and made smoother. Minor bug fixes.

Minor bug fixes. Small tweaks and improvements.

Screen IV. Community Property, item 5 popup. Corrected language used in the agreement when title to community real property is to be held as-is without change.

Screen 7.5, Other Holidays. In the previous version, the field for entering begin and end times for each holiday would onlyl be avallable if "Odd Years" was checked. This has been fixed.

Miscellaneous fixes. A few minor and typographical fixes were made.

Notary Page. Professional users can set a Preference (File > Preferences) for entering the county in the notarization paragraphs. In domestic partnership or civil union cases, you can also choose whether the notary language will use "he" and "she" or "he/she." If you check a box, DealMaker will prompt for this information each time an agreement is printed.

Notary Page. Notarization language was updated and improved.

Typographical fixes. Some typographical changes were made in the agreement for better clarity and consistency.

Version 4.6 was not released.

Unable to enter data. Unable to enter data if a state other than California was selected. This has been fixed.

Left column navigation. If a Simple Parenting Plan was selected on Screen 7.2, clicking on Options in the left column would produce an error message instead of going to the requested screen. This was been fixed in version 4.3. Versions 4.3 was not released, as version 4.4 came quickly thereafter.

Inability to view or print agreement. If "Travel with a child" was selected on Screen 7.6, but you did not specify which parent's permission was needed, you would not be able to view, print or save the agreement. This has been fixed.

Bug, File > Save As. In version 4.1, (released for only part of one day), if you used Save As, DealMaker would give it an incorrect file extension. This has been fixed and files are now corectly saved.

Saved files. Due to Windows 7, DealMaker now stores saved files in a different location than before. You can see where they are stored in File > Preferences, if you like, you can choose another location. You'll need to move previously saved data files from the old location (C:\Program Files\DealMaker) to the new location.
Note: If you open a file from the old location, it will be saved back there unless you use Save As to put it in the new location.

Save agreement as RTF. If you attempted to insert your own custom parenting plan into the body of the agreement, the RTF output would be incomplete. This has been fixed. The View and PDF modes were not affected.

Screen 8.2, item C1, Health Insurance. The screen and the related part of the agreement have been updated and reworked for greater clarity.

Fewer Exhibits. Following better practice, all property lists are now inserted into the body of the agreement. This is the way many judges prefer it. Parenting plans are optionally inserted or attached as an Exhibit and your preference for all new cases can be set in File > Preferences. Child support calculations (if any) continue to be attached as an Exhibit.

Minor tweaks. Numerous minor adjustments to make things look better and work more smoothly.

Property lists, Screen IV, items 1 and 3. If a pension or real estate item had been entered in a property list at items 1 or 3, some items could not later be deleted from that list. Affected items would disappear from the visible list but remain in the document and appear the next time the popup was called or the agreement printed. This has been fixed.

Screen IV, item 6, popup item 4. Dividing Community Interest in Retirement Fund—at item 4 on the detail popup, you can enter the percentage each party will pay for document preparation, but DealMaker was not entering this information into the agreement. This has been fixed.

Screen VII, Other Holidays. Parenting plan, item 7—Special Days: If this was once checked and later unchecked, DealMaker would still print Special Days in the agreement and show it as an Exhibit. This has been fixed.

Screens VI and VIII. Fixed payment fields so they update immediately after entry of monthly total amount.

Screens VI and VIII. Reworded language for various payment periods to make them grammatically correct.

Waiver of spousal support. Improved agreement language to make it clear as to exactly who is waiving the right to spousal support.

Case data icons. Fixed linkage to case data file so the DealMaker icon appears and double-clicking the case will start DealMaker Pro.

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