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Divorce Worksheets

  Divorce Worksheets for PC or Mac

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How They Help

All professional use worksheets to gather all the facts of your case. But why pay an attorney $200 or more per hour to gather your information when you can do it yourself for free? And you will understand your case better for doing it.

Using these worksheets will help you:

     Make sure nothing important is overlooked.

     Organize and analyze your case.

     Clarify your thinking, and

     Save $$ hundreds or thousands!

At the very least, if you hire an attorney or other professional, they won't have to spend hours of expensive time developing this information for you.

Similar worksheets come free with Make Any Divorce Better, How to Do Your Own Divorce in California and How to Do Your Own Divorce in Texas.

What You Get


Personal information worksheet. Organizes the facts you need to know about yourself, your spouse, and your children.

Assets and debts worksheet. Helps you organize and understand the property and debts you must deal with as part of your divorce.

Budget (income and expenses) worksheet. Everyone going through divorce should plan a new budget. If support for a spouse or child might be an issue, this form is absolutely essential. This worksheet makes an imposing task a lot easier.

Childcare tasks worksheet. Attorneys don't have this, but you do! If you are having trouble discussing your childcare schedule, use this worksheet to analyze the work in child care: who used to do what, and who is going to do it in the future. This will bring some reality to your discussions.

After the divorce checklist. Here's another form you won't get from an attorney. This checklist reminds you of a lot of important things that need to be done immeediately after your divorce.

Discharge of Attorney form. Use this if you need to fire an attorney who is not performing satisfactorily.

PDF Package     $20  $15     Download

Using the free Adobe reader, you can
view, enter data and print the worksheets.
With Reader 8 or higher, you can save your entries.

Worksheets can be filled out on a PC or Mac with the free Adobe Reader.
To get the latest version of Reader for free, click here

These forms are specially enabled to allow you to save data you enter if you use Reader version 8 or higher and use the File > Save-As function. Older versions or Reader will not save data entered so you will lose all entries each time you close the file.

If your system won't support Reader 8 or higher, you can print the worksheets and fill them out by hand or on a typewriter, or you can buy the $30 CutePDF Form Filler for Windows or a Mac that can emulate or boot up in Windows. CutePDF will allow you to fill out worksheets on your computer and save all data entered.

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