You can do your own divorce


Ed Sherman, award-winning author and divorce specialist attorney, says that not only can you do your own divorce, you should do your own divorce, and he shows you exactly how to do it. The advantages are huge! Unless you have a compelling reason for doing so, you'll be far better off if you do not retain an attorney—certainly not before you read Make Any Divorce Better or How to Do Your Own Divorce in California or How to Do Your Own Divorce in Texas.


What it means


Doing your own divorce is not about filling out forms—it means taking responsibility for your case, thinking things through, making decisions and controlling how things are done. You find out what the rules and legal standards are, how they apply to your case, then decide what you want, whatís fair, how to deal with your spouse, what to do next. If your spouse is in the picture and cares what happens, it means having detailed discussions—perhaps with help—to reach a thoroughly negotiated agreement. We show you how to do all this and how to get help if you need it. In California and Texas, our "How To" books also show you how to fill out the forms and get your Judgment.




  You get a better divorce. Studies show that active participation in your case is the single most important factor in getting a good outcome, meaning better post-divorce compliance with terms, less conflict, better co-parenting, less stress, less cost, faster healing.

  Much cheaper. Doing a divorce with an attorney is very expensive. The initial retainer may only be a thousand or so, but the final cost will be much higher. The average divorce costs about $20,000 for each spouse! And a contested case can easily go into hundreds of thousands when spouses squable over larger estates. Doing it yourself means much less risk of conflict and much less cost.

  Keeping it simple. It doesn't take much to stir things up in a divorce. Most cases are fairly simple legally, and can be kept simple with correct handling. Unfortunately, your typical attorney is very likely to make things worse rather than better. To make a long story short, donít retain an attorney. If you do it entirely by yourself or with the backup assistance of an attorney, thereís a much better chance for keeping a simple case simple.


We show you how!


The things you can do yourself are far more effective than anything any lawyer can do for you. Our award-winning book is only 160 pages long, easy to read, and contains many specific steps you can take to make things a lot better and forms to help you organize your facts and your thinking. This information is effective in every state and worldwide.

Do Your Own Divorce. Most people can do their own divorces entirely without an attorney and are much better off for it. Millions have already done this by using our famous books and saved themselves a lot of money and trouble. These are complete kits with legal information, practical advice, step-by-step instructions, all the forms you need, and they are ridiculously cheap!

Make Any Divorce Better
($24.95) Make Any Divorce Better
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How to Do Your Own Divorce
in California ($29.95)
Do Your Own Divorce
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How to Do Your Own Divorce
in Texas ($29.95)
Do Your Own Divorce
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