How to Download and use eBooks

     When you buy an eBook, our shopping cart provides you with a link on the "Thank You" page after you submit your payment info so you can immediately download your eBook.

You will also receive a confirmation email of your order, with a link at the bottom to take you back to your account in our online store at You can click the link to return to your account at our online store, and then click on "My Account" in the top right corner. After logging in, click on "Review orders" in the "My Orders" section. That will take you to a download link for your eBook.

     Direct the download to a convenient place on your computer, e.g., the desktop or a Nolo folder.

     The download will be a ZIP file containing a compressed PDF file, your eBook.

     If you have Windows XP or Vista, just double-click on the ZIP file to view the PDF file within and drag it to another location or select "Extract All" under the file menu and follow the Wizard. Another choice is to Google "free Zip utility," and download a program to decompress your eBook.

     After you extract your eBook, double-click the eBook PDF file to open it in Adobe Reader. If nothing happens, you need to install or re-install Adobe Reader (see below).

     To read your eBook, you need the free Adobe Reader, a program that comes with most computers. To get it, or to make sure you have the latest and best Reader for your operating system, click here.

     Just after the Table of Contents in the eBook, you will find instructions for how to use the links and downloadable files referenced in the eBook. Be sure to read these instructions carefully.

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