Divorce Helpline Staff

Divorce Helpline

Since 1989

Divorce Helpline completely changed the way attorneys work in divorce cases.

Our expert family law attorneys do not represent you or go to court because we don’t believe in it. Instead, we work as your guide and assistant, helping you plan, develop options, communicate with the other side, solve problems, and reach a fair settlement. If you get stuck, we can reach out to the other side and mediate. We offer

Legal advice, mediation, arbitration, collaborative law

Anywhere in California by

telephone or videoconference

or in person at our 14 locations, including:

Santa Cruz  •  Sacramento  • San Jose • San Francisco  •  Oakland  •  Walnut Creek

San Diego  •  Los Angeles  •  Encino  •  Irvine

Divorce Helpline attorneys are experienced, specially trained in mediation,

negotiation and communication, and are especially good at solving problems.

Our methods have proved to be highly successful and very affordable.

Divorce Helpline

Visit our Web site at

Divorce Helpline

or call 800-359-7004

for a free explanation of

how our service works and

how we can help you.


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