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Billions Saved in Legal Fees

SANTA CRUZ, CA—“Divorces are very fragile and easily tipped into conflict—not something you want to blast at with lawyer letters and legal writs. However, with the correct approach, nearly all divorce problems can be turned around and settled with minimum recourse to courts and lawyers, saving you lots of money,” says divorce specialist attorney Ed Sherman, author of How to Do Your Own Divorce in California, the famous book that launched Nolo Press and self-help law. Divorce expert Ed Sherman’s proven techniques and approach to divorce have saved the public billions of dollars in legal fees over the years.

Through his company, Nolo Press Occidental, Sherman continued to publish additional titles, including How to Solve Divorce Problems in California, How to Do Your Own Divorce in Texas, and Make Any Divorce Better (for couples in any state). With more than one million books sold, and attorney fees for divorce cases commonly ranging from $4,000 - $200,000 each, it is easy to see how the combined savings of all those who have used Sherman’s books to do their own divorces comes to billions of dollars.

Ed Sherman’s award-winning books can show any couple how they too can save lots of money on divorce. He explains that because lawyers are trained in an adversarial style of practicing law they often create and escalate conflict, resulting in higher financial and emotional costs. Ed provides the solution to this problem and reveals how to: All this and more can be found in:

How to Do Your Own Divorce in California How to Solve Divorce Problems in California How to Do Your Own Divorce in Texas Make Any Divorce Better

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