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Doing Your Own Divorce Saves More Than Money

War in the courtroom hurts kids, maximizes pain


SANTA CRUZ, CALIFORNIA—Emotions run high during divorce, with the anger, pain, and hurt leading to bitter, expensive courtroom battles that cause considerable emotional damage to adults and children. Minimize conflict and protect the children by handling matters yourself, says attorney Ed Sherman, author of How to Do Your Own Divorce in California; A Guide for Petitioners and Respondents.

"Divorce is hard on kids but it is the failure to resolve conflict that damages kids the most. They learn that problems can't be solved. When parents settle things eventually, kids learn that problems can be solved, which is a valuable lesson," says Sherman.

How to Do Your Own Divorce in California is a complete kit for an out-of-court divorce or dissolution of a domestic partnership that provides the practical legal advice, court forms and step-by-step instructions required to make an uncontested divorce as easy and painless as possible. The book provides solutions to the myriad issues that surface when you seek a divorce:

Currently in its 30th edition, How to Do Your Own Divorce in California has helped Californians save billions of dollars in legal fees since the first edition was published more than 30 years ago. This latest edition, updated for 2007, contains current court forms.

Ed Sherman, divorce specialist attorney, award-winning author, and founder of Nolo Press, explains how to obtain a divorce in an easy-to-understand format. Since 1971, his firm has directly guided thousands of couples each year, one on one, through Divorce Helpline services, operated by his law mediation firm of Sherman Williams Lober and Thompson, which declines to represent anyone or go to court.

How to Do Your Own Divorce in California
Author: Ed Sherman
Publication Date: January 2007
Pages: 173, plus legal forms
Price: $29.95
ISBN: 0-944508-61-9
Publisher: Nolo Press Occidental