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Lawyers are the #1 Problem in Divorce
This Author Has the Solution

SANTA CRUZ, CA—"I'm not into lawyer-bashing," says Attorney Ed Sherman, founder of Nolo Press, "but the truth is that the worse thing a person can possibly do is go see a lawyer without any information or preparation and just ask for a divorce. Our adversarial legal system—and the way attorneys are trained to work in it—tends to cause trouble, raise the level of conflict, and greatly increase your expense. The last thing you want to do with the fragile emotions you are facing during divorce is to get into a situation that will increase your conflict and level of upset."

Sherman wrote four books to give people the information and preparation they need for a successful divorce:
How to Do Your Own Divorce in California
How to Solve Divorce Problems in California
How to Do Your Own Divorce in Texas
Make Any Divorce Better (for couples in any state)

Although Sherman firmly believes that most couples will do better if they use his books to keep their divorce out of court, and lawyers' offices, he offers the following tips on how to get more from a divorce attorney if you do want to use one.

  1. Start with the right information. Before your first visit with your attorney, find out about the rules and procedures for divorce. A survey of readers of Nolo divorce books shows that the single most important factor in a smoother divorce is starting off informed and having the control over your life this gives you.

  2. Understand what kind of help you can get from an attorney, and the law, and what kind you can't. Most problems in divorce are emotional, not legal ones, and the legal system has no solutions for anything but legal problems. Don't expect your lawyer to solve your emotional problems—there are better ways to get this kind of help.

  3. Be prepared! Organize your information and documents ahead of time and bring them to your first visit, so you can hand them over and not waste a lot of time (and money) on the facts. With good preparation, you will be able to ask intelligent questions. The lawyer will be very aware of dealing with a client who knows what's what, and you will get better care and more respect.

  4. Control your case. Client control of divorce negotiations is the most significant predictor of a good post-divorce outcome. Take responsibility for knowing what's going on and for making your own decisions. Actively participate in your negotiations.

  5. Keep business and personal matters separate. Many aspects of divorce are businesslike: money, property, procedures, negotiation and agreements, lawyers, and taxes. Business and personal/emotional matters do not mix well. The best way to reduce conflict and legal expenses is to keep them separate.
Sherman explains how to do all of these things and more in his books. With over a million copies sold, he has helped millions of people get better divorces. Full of practical advice and worksheets to get organized, his books can help any couple have a better divorce.

Sherman's insights and practical advice are sure to entertain and educate. Call today to schedule an interview. Media kits and review copies available on request.

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