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Divorce and Your Children:


This Guest Will Show You How to Protect Your Children During Divorce



ivorce is hard on kids but it is the failure to resolve conflict that damages kids the most. They learn that problems can't be solved. When parents settle things eventually, kids learn that problems can be solved, which is a valuable lesson.



ivorce lawyers (and the law) do not possess the tools to solve most divorce problems. Taking a divorce to a lawyer is like asking a welder to cut a board -- it's incendiary!  The legal system makes things worse rather than better, so wise parents will avoid it and use it only to process paperwork after they have already settled their affairs.



ward-winning author and divorce specialist attorney Ed Sherman gives people the tools to go through divorce with the least possible amount of time, trouble and money, thus saving themselves and their children years of stress and suffering. Experience shows that children are damaged most when their parents keep fighting after the divorce. Parents who use Sherman's techniques to reduce conflict during their divorce are less likely to keep fighting when it's over.



Emotions run high during divorce.  The anger, pain, and hurt can lead to bitter courtroom battles.  But your audience should know that this is the worst thing they can do as parents and ask themselves:


§         Does my anger justify the hurt to my children?

§         How can I reduce conflict to protect my child?

§         How can I create the best post-divorce parenting arrangements?

§         How can I deal with my emotions so they don’t get in the way?

§         Can I do my own divorce?  Should I?  Would it be better for the children?


FAMILY LAW ATTORNEY ED SHERMAN will reveal the answers to these questions and show your audience how to provide the best parenting for their children while going through divorce.  The author of four divorce books, Sherman is an experienced radio guest who can share important strategies to help listeners take control of their divorce and their lives to minimize conflict and protect their children. 

With more than a million books sold, he has helped millions of people get better divorces, and better divorces mean better parenting.  A family law attorney since 1970, Ed Sherman founded Nolo Press in 1971 with his famous book, How to Do Your Own Divorce in California. He also authored:

How to Solve Divorce Problems in California
How to Do Your Own Divorce in Texas
Make Any Divorce Better (for couples in any state).

Sherman will have your phones ringing off the hook and will WOW your audience with his knowledge, compassion and insight.  He is available on short notice for radio shows. Call today to schedule an interview. Media kits and review copies available on request.

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