Promises Every Couple Should Make

The high divorce rate in our society makes for poor odds for the success of approximately half of all marriages, unless couples do something to divorce-proof their marriage.

After more than 30 years of success helping couples achieve smoother, easier, better divorces, Family Law Attorney Ed Sherman took all that experience and developed the following list of promises every couple should make to divorce-proof their marriage.

Promises Every Couple Should Make

These are just some of the benefits all couples can receive by creating their own personalized Couples Contract as described in The Couples Contract for a Lasting Relationship, by Nolo Press founder Ed Sherman and co-author Bruce Janke. These points are covered in detail in the book. In addition to the basic agreement, which makes a loving commitment to a lasting marriage, couples can incorporate optional financial clauses. The Couples Contract allows couples to handle their financial issues in a constructive and positive manner that supports the relationship by focusing on their love—far superior to the traditional money-grubbing prenup.

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Ed Sherman is a family law attorney, award-winning author, and founder of Nolo Press. He started the self-help law movement in 1971 when he published the first edition of How to Do Your Own Divorce, and founded the paralegal industry in 1973. In his latest book, featuring the Couples Contract, Ed applies what he has learned from years of experience to help couples protect and preserve their relationship. You can order his books from or by calling (800) 464-5502.

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